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  1/10 Scale Clay Model
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RC car body Scale Model Armature Car Body Templates
DesignStudioPro™ includes engineering drawings and custom scale model armature, identical to the ones sed in production car design studios. In the pictures above you can see how the car body templates are used in the blocking in stages. Everything you see here is explained in the 3 hours long DesignStudiPro™ instructional DVD.
Center Line Wheel Openings Scale Model
Cars are designed around the wheels, so we are extra careful when creating the models wheel openings. Developing the model center line is one of the early steps in the car modeling process. In the pictures above we have started to develop the scale model three dimensional line positions as we go through the roughing in steps.
Modeling Techniques Car Design Super Car
Once you learn the clay modeling techniques featured in the DesignStudiPro™ DVD, you can change the car design in the photos and create your own personal super car (visit: the-blueprints.com) or follow the instructions on how to make your own engineering drawings.
Scale Auto Car Design Students Modelling Skills
The DesignStudioPro™ scale auto modeling course has been used by car design students in the USA and Internationally. Open your mind to the possibilities. These professional techniques will strengthen your modeling skills and transform the way you view cars. You will never look at one the same way again.
Automotive Design Car Design Students Scale Auto

In the automotive design modeling process we use tools called slicks. These tools are made of materials ranging from carbon fiber and spring steel to plastics. Modelers use these in the clean up process making the roughly raked surfaces smooth. This is one of the last modeling steps to complete before you paint the scale car model.

Car Design Students Car Modelers Automotive Design
Then ballence, refining the front and finishing the model.
  GM Design Studios
  Early GM Clay Modeling & Car Design  
  Scale Model Car Kit
Price: $199
  General Motors


Build A Scale Concept Car


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