The 1951 Buick LeSabre Concept Car
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The 1951 Buick LeSabre Concept Car
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Designed by Harley J. Earl's studio and originally showcased at a Motorama show in 1951, the LeSabre took its styling cues from jet fighter planes and offered a preview of the aircraft styling that followed in the 1950s. Buick LeSabre The LeSabre was originally designed by Harley J. Earl (head of GM styling department) as a one-of-a-kind concept car, to be used by himself for everyday use. The clay vision of the LeSabre appeared in print in the fall of 1950 and the real thing was first shown to the public in July of 1951. At that point in time the car was not a Buick, that came in 1959 when Buick picked up the LeSabre name.

Earl used aviation as an inspiration for many facets of his work and the LeSabre was a showcase. The name came from the Air Force Sabre jet fighters, the front jet-like intake held two headlights, the rear fins hinted at P-38 inspired Cadillac fins, and rear nozzle also was jet inspired. The instruments said aircraft in style and in the inclusion of an altimeter.

Buick LeSabre With over half a century worth of memories, the earlier models of the LeSabre inspire a sense of nostalgia back to a time when life was supposed to be simple. The image of technology in the early stages, design, dynamic lines, unique and individual accessories, and the advanced exterior engineering is apparent in the early LeSabre models.

Buick has kept an age old reputation for producing ‘the best of the best', and the LeSabre has proven capable of weathering the storms of the times, and acclimating itself to the ever-changing demands of its clientele.

Buick LeSabre

A concept vehicle created originally by General Motors Styling and Buick Engineering, the LeSabre finally became a production vehicle in 1959. Perhaps not as exhilarating as the 1951 dream car, the 1959 LeSabre was a sign of the times with its large tail fins and dynamic lines. A mainstay at Buick for four decades.




  Buick LeSabre  


  Buick LeSabre  


  Buick LeSabre  


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