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Early GM Clay Modeling & Car Design
The 1951 Buick LeSabre Concept Car I Early GM Clay Modeling Gallery

The world’s biggest car manufacturer set up the industry’s first car designer styling department back in 1927. Since then GM clay modelers and car designers have completed thousands of clay scale models and full size clay models.
The Automotive design industry has expanded far beyond the vision General Motors had 85 years ago. Every 3D studio in the transportation industry still make clay model as a part of their design process. This holds true even in this day of digital design and virtual model making. We at Claymodelers.com want to honor the efforts of all the clay modelers and car designers who have been an important part of growing the automotive design industry. Sign up using the form at the bottom of this page and be notified when we launch new historic clay modeling pages.


 "Designed in the USA"
"In the beginning"
We well begin our journey by featuring an early giant:
The 1933-1936 Cadillac

34Cadillac_design Cadillac Design Studio

The GM design studio initially accommodated the tenth floor of the GM building in Detroit.
Some 50 employees were involved in early 1928 sketching new cars and selecting colors and materials for the interior. Only ten of those employees were actually designers by profession. Since there was no training center for vehicle styling, Earl recruited primarily architects, interior designers and illustrators. The main criteria for staff selection were "a passion for cars and a strong power of persuasion".

33Cadillac Design GM Styling Studio1
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Classic Buick
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